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Regulator Deck 90/100 - 4 cellRudman Bus RJ Plug

Battery Box 100 (8-Cell) with 2-MK3x4SMT Regulators
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Battery Box 100 (8-Cell) with 2-MK3x4SMT Regulators

Price: $850.00

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The BB-100 was designed to provide an easy stand alone 12V lithium battery solution. It includes the Reg Deck connecting circuit board and 2 Manzanita 4 channel Mk3x4SMT BMS unit. This box has been designed for the TS or CALB 100 AH cell size and can also fit some TS90AH size and even the CALB 60AH cells.  (Batteries not included)


Complete Set includes: 1pc MK3x8 Regulator, 1pc 90/100AH Regulator Deck, Box Sheet Metal and Lexan Cover

Already own the regulators?  You can purchase with just the Sheet Metal, Lexan Cover and Regulator Deck

Just need the Sheet Metal Box and Lexan Cover for your own project?  Choose 'Box Only' from the Options drop down menu.


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