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CALB 180AH Complete Battery Box SolutionJ1772 30 Amp Handle

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Price: $4,500.00

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Fully assembled and tested with full reg bus interface. The PFC-75X is the same size footprint as the PFC-50.  The inside is completely revamped including extra heavy duty wiring and components designed for running at 75 amps continuously.  The new model X series comes standard with a Multifunction meter showing the input Amps, Volts, KiloWatts and Power Factor.  You can now upgrade to include a digital voltage control with a push button interface instead of using the volts trim screw driver method.

This charger is designed for 75 amps in to 75 amps out.

The PFC75M weighs 35 pounds and resides in a box that is 19.5 x 10.5 x 6.5 inches.

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