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Kingston, WA

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BatteryBox 160/180 with MK3x4SMT RegulatorRegulator Deck 160/180 - 8 cells

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Price: $3,650.00

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Fully assembled and tested with full reg bus interface.  The new model X series comes standard with a Multifunction meter showing the input Amps, Volts, KiloWatts and Power Factor.  You can now upgrade to include a digital voltage control with a push button interface instead of using the volts trim screw driver method.

Standard Model:
50 amps in to 50 amps out

Buck Enhancemed model:
50 amps in to 75 amps out

The PFC50 weighs 32.8 pounds and resides in a box that is 19.5 x 10.5 x 6.5 inches.

Downloads Available:
- Specification Sheet
- PFC50 Maximum Power Output Graph

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