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PFC40-XMJ1772 EVSE : P3-Plus 50

State of Charge Measurement Unit
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State of Charge Measurement Unit

Price: $450.00

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The State of Charge Head (SOC head for short) when placed at the end of your battery pack allows for instantaneous measurements of both pack voltage and output amperage. This allows you to determine usage rates and state of charge for your entire battery pack.

The SOC head comes in a variety of sizes and shunting options to match your packs maximum voltage and amperage output requirements. It is important to pick a SOC head that has larger voltage and amperage capabilites than your pack.



Rated Current

Maximum Peak
Current (5seconds)

Low Voltage 125/250V




Low Voltage + Upgraded Shunt




High Voltage 250/500V




High Voltage + Upgraded Shunt




*Maximum Continuous Current is 2/3 of Rated Current

Although a high voltage SOC will work with your system, we recommend chosing the SOC closest to your pack voltage. By picking the voltage closest to your actual pack voltage you will be able to attain higher voltage sampling resolutions during the analog to digital conversion process.


•The ability to be used with any battery pack voltage up to 500VDC peak

•Able to output battery pack State of Charge reading as a percentage

•Outputs total battery pack current reading

•Outputs total battery pack voltage reading

•Outputs total battery pack Ampere-hour reading

•Outputs total battery pack Watt-hour reading

•Outputs total battery pack power reading in Kilowatts

•Built in temperature sensor mounted in the unit

•Compact and durable enclosure is about H 1.375” x W 3.750” x L 4.75” not including the I/O connections. (H 35mm x W 95mm x L 120mm)

•Warning output lines for signaling high and low battery conditions

•Can be connected independently or in conjunction with other Manzanita Micro Mk3 Digital products using readily available six conductor RJ cable

•Easily connects to a PC or Rudman Bus Display using the DT box USB adapter

•Works with Manzanita's free Windows based scanner and command software

•All commands are easily entered and read in simple ASCII text

•Easy user adjustable min and max voltage parameters allow flexibility for just about any pack voltage signaling requirements

•Dual RJ reg bus ports for easy connection to the charger and/or other Manzanita Micro BMS units and accessories

•Seamless integration with Manzanita Micro Perl Scanner program which has extra graphics already programmed in for displaying the SOC Head information

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