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PFC Charger FAQ PDF Print E-mail
Q: Can the Manzanita Micro PFC chargers run on both 110V and 220V?
A: YES. All Manzanita Micro Chargers are designed to be able to charge your vehicle whether they are plugged in to 110V, 120V, 208V, 220V or 240 Volts AC. In fact, the chargers can even be run off of DC which is actually how they are used to supplement the hybrid battery pack while in drive mode in the Pi Prius PHEV conversions. When plugging in your electric vehicle, the Manzanita PFC chargers allow you to plug in to virtually any outlet you will encounter. All you have to do is provide the correct plug or adapter to fit the outlet. No switching or changes need be made on the charger, it will automatically use whatever it can get. NOTE: Of course if your charger is set to draw 30 Amps and you plug in to a 15 amp outlet you will open a fuse or breaker at the panel where the outlet receives its power. Use the big current knob on the front of the charger to adjust the current draw up or down to match the rating of the circuit you are plugged into.

Q: How do I make an adapter to go from 208/220/240V to regular 110V plug?
A: coming soon
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