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Manzanita Micro was formed by Rich Rudman and Joe Smalley. The two of them were roommates in college at the University of Idaho and became friends. Both had a love of racing and tinkering with high performance automobiles and also an affinity for things electronic. Manzanita Micro began as a floppy disk drive service company and grew into a small business which built timing systems for autocross and road racing. By the mid 1990s Rudman and Smalley found a hobby which melded their love of cars and electronics -- the electric vehicle.

After converting a Ford Fiesta and building his own 2,500 amp controller Joe went to work for the US Navy in Bremerton. Rich converted his own 1978 Ford Fiesta “Goldie” and then began doing contract circuit board design laying out plans for inverters and other medical and marine electronics. He also worked for Cruising Equipment in Seattle on the original E-Meter electric vehicle gauge.

As his experience with electric vehicles grew, Mr. Rudman became acquainted with Damon Crockett and they along with some other gentlemen founded DCP.  While at DCP Rich worked on the powerful Raptor and T-Rex  controllers. He also designed and built a working prototype BLDC drive system.

In his off time, Rich and his old friend Joe drag raced their Fiestas and also got into racing electric hydroplanes setting a few EV records. Rudman and Smalley saw the need for a powerful and flexible charger for electric vehicles and also a good battery management system for the ever popular new AGM batteries. DCP moved down to Oregon and later became Alltrax and Rich moved back to the Kitsap Peninsula where he had grown up. He and Joe finalized plans for their BMS system and flexible power factor corrected chargers and the “Rudman Regulators” and PFC line of chargers were brought to market.

Rich began working full time out of his garage building and marketing the new EV battery components.  The PFC chargers could plug into any outlet and charge packs from 12 Volts up to 450. Charger power increased from 20 amps to 30, to 40 for the small boxes and up to 50 and even 75amps for the larger PFC-50.

Today Manzanita Micro has grown and Rich oversees operations of three shops and a host of employees. He and Joe Smalley still meet weekly to improve existing products and work on the next big thing. The years 2007 and 2008 have seen tremendous growth for the company and Manzanita Micro has delivered high performance liquid cooled chargers to companies such as Commuter Cars Inc (the Tango) and Phoenix Motorcars. Manzanita Micro has also delivered numerous rapid charge capable plug in Prius kits to customers including the cities of Seattle, Tacoma and Wenatchee, Washington. Two enormous 75 KW “Monster Chargers” have been tested which can charge EV battery packs in just a few minutes. From the fast chargers to battery evaluation and testing, to high strength aluminum TIG welding and metal fabrication Manzanita Micro is ready to meet the needs of the next generation of electric vehicles.

The name Manzanita comes from the Manzanita Bay just a few miles from Kingston, WA where Rich Rudman grew up. Now with headquarters in Kingston and over 1000 chargers sold and in use in over 9 different countries Manzanita Micro has established itself as one of the foremost electric vehicle component suppliers in the world.
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